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Faculty of Political Science, University of Kufa

The Faculty of Political Science at the University of Kufa held a panel discussion entitled “The Future of Iraqi Foreign Policy” where the lecturer was a group of teachers and the Iraqi foreign political researcher discussed an important chapter of the performance of the government, The first was to achieve government goals in the foreign political arena. It is clear that this policy has undergone a radical change after 2003, but this performance was not balanced, clear and objective. Therefore, no clear achievements were achieved in the previous period, but it is hoped that this external political behavior will be evaluated in the The duration of the declaration according to the composition of the new Iraqi government 2018 October on the grounds that the principle of professionalism and specialization has been taken in the new government approach, which means and as a logical result to witness a significant development in the level of foreign policy performance, especially in the hot and important files that should be an effort and concentration And professionalism.

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