Employees Guide

1. attention affairs of individuals (faculty and staff).
2. Follow-up of all administrative correspondence incoming and outgoing from the college.
3. Supervision of the follow-up workflow and regularity of the administrative units within the college.
4. Develop a structured work plan for the completion of an integrated database for personnel as well as the base of a private angel teaching and staff information.
5. Follow-up for appointment, resignation, retirement, vacations and promotions, bonuses and other administrative orders and administrative commands university.
6. you save and organize, update, and the receipt of such files and records of service to all faculty and staff.
7. The unit validate the issuance of documents with the relevant authorities.
Unit incoming and outgoing
 1. The registration of all books received by the college in the public record contained.
2. The registration of all books published in the record of the total issued.
 3-distribution of incoming and outgoing to people and departments and units of the Faculty of mail.
 4. Follow-up answer books and dissemination of some of the books on the sections and divisions and units in college.
 The functions of the Director of Human Resources Division
1. supervision of the employees of the college staff and monitor their shift and Anillathmualtazamanm instructions.
2. Follow-up and answer your e-mail Division.
3. Follow-up gentlemen faculty and staff entitlement regarding bonuses and promotions according to each individual entitlement
4. Making a health issuance of orders and university tuition documents adherents.
5. Angel record, which includes information on all of the associate faculty and staff preparation.
6-record numbers of human resources for teachers, staff and install all of their information.
7 - Record numbers of special staff on temporary staffing and staff in daily wages of college-owners and install their own information.
8. Follow-up to print your e-Division of Human Resources and is printed mail on a daily basis in order to speed the answer
Personnel Unit
1. check the files of employees and complete the deficiencies found in them.
2. raise the eligible employees of the bonus or promotion to the presidency of the university for the purpose of giving them the names of the bonus or promotion, depending on their eligibility.
3. audit files of the newly-appointed and sent to the presidency of the university for the purpose of auditing.
4. Follow-up staffing with the presidency of the university and the number of a schedule.
5. Follow-up to complete the transactions pension to retired staff
Unit faculty affairs
1. check the files of the teaching staff and the completion of the deficiencies that found
2. raise faculty eligible for bonus or promotion names by due date.
3. raise gentlemen faculty transactions with respect to change the certificate or change the scientific title to the Presidency of the university for the purpose of making the necessary by them
4. Making a university health issuance of orders for granting master's and doctorate adherents
5. audit files of new recruits from the teaching staff and sent to the University for the purpose of audit
6. Follow-up to the angel of the teaching staff with the presidency of the university and the number of a schedule

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