Department of Political Sciences

Vision Section:


Careful to keep abreast of developments in specialization based on special education is committed to a legacy of indigenous civilization of Mesopotamia.

Building integrated student to teach him the art of personal leadership skills and the search for the solution of problems in the spirit of the group is not the individual methods.

Instill the spirit of the acquisition of knowledge among students.

Interest in collective action, including the creator provides quality service excellence.

Provide the society with research and advisory projects, including the role of the university in favor of community service.


Section message:

Keep abreast of developments in scientific specialization so as to provide special education.

Community service, including Arphih in scientific research and basic needs.

Find the spirit of the acquisition of knowledge to the teacher and the learner.

Follow scientific methods of Msthaddat what is happening in the cognitive domain.



Effective contribution in the development of specialized based on scientific and academic methodology Political Science Angels, including the ability to give the field of scientific research and practice.

Meet the needs of colleges and high schools, teaching angels efficient competence in the field of political science, to teach the subjects of democracy

And human rights as well as preparing for the Angels to work in the Foreign Ministry and the Iraqi embassies abroad and international organizations, where Iraqi broad representation in public relations, media and the press.


About the section:

Founded Department of Political Science in the 2007-2008 school year as one of the scientific departments in the Faculty of Law / University of Kufa, and therefore need to Najaf province

In particular, and the provinces of the Middle Euphrates in general for such a section in order to supplement the Qtrna beloved specialized competencies in the field of political science, which

We desperately need in the current phase 0 and currently has an elite section of the teachers of advanced degrees in political science (PhD, MA) and the number of students stage morning 213 students reached the stage evening was numbered 138 students.


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