Students of the Faculty of Political Science organized a seminar on media and political dimensions to organize isis

Within the scientific activities of our college students, students of our college systems and in cooperation with the college seminar entitled Tdrisie media and political dimensions

of the terrorist organization Daash, where all of the researcher Acer Yasiri present
The researcher Haider Zayer, researchers touched on the importance of the role of media in the fight against terrorism and thought the terrorist extremist as well as the use of Daash terrorist to social networking and satellite channels terrorist sites to stir up a whirlwind media among young people and the public in order to attract to its ranks, a professor Yasiri stressed the need for the national media to take a greater role in the fight against terrorist ideas and the need to sedition channels, which played a pivotal role in the spread rumors and lies broadcast false news Accounting, from his part, Mr. Haider Zayer that the political dimension of Daash was aiming to overthrow the system of government in Iraq and change the demography of the region, but the People's Army and the crowd historical position in maintain the unity of the country.

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