Mr. President of the University of Kufa, inspects the conduct of examinations and meet with Messrs Baltdrisien at the Faculty of Political Science

Mr. President of the University of Kufa, Prof. Dr. Akil Abdul Yassin lose their final exams in the course of our college where he was briefed on the examinations allocated to classrooms and the nature of the examination questions as well as


A meeting with a number of college students, Dr. Kufi praised the services provided by the College Deanship addition to Aljdodh methods adopted by the college in the scientific curriculum, from the other side that the university president met cadre teaching to our college where they discussed scientific and educational reality in Iraq this and through attendance expressed their thanks for the visit that will improve the scientific reality in our dear country, they praised the students for their part of the trip that will build bridges of communication between students and the university president


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