Seminar on reading the results of the Iranian elections

Established the Faculty of Political Science / University of Kufa, a seminar on reading the results of the Iranian elections where they discussed Iran's political system and the mechanics of the election of the supreme leader and the Shura Council of Iran and the Iranian elections, expected results discussed that reflected on the entire Middle East region, Iran's political future over the major powers and the pan countries in the region, the symposium was attended by a delegation from the Iranian consulate in Najaf and a group of professors, researchers, students and lecturers were: -
1. A.P.Dr. Bahaa Adnan Alsabbari.
2. a. M. Hussein Silverline Aeshun.
15:00. M. Haider visits Abbosa.
In conclusion, he thanked Mr. Dean of the College all those present at the seminar and wished all the teachers and students Muwafaqiya and success.

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