Meeting with Mr. Dean teaching staff respected

Deanship of the Faculty of Political Science held to this day, a meeting with the faculty in our college where Mr. Dean Esquire met cadre of teaching in order to listen to their comments and diagnosis of the problems facing the educational process in our college and to find the necessary solutions to service dear to our students. Mr. Dean stressed the importance of functioning Altdrissat and maintain a level scientific student and set numbers scientifically sober, also discussed a range of issues, which were distributed to the development of reality research for the College urged the professors to publication in the approved international magazines and also hold seminars and symposiums on topics important only on the national political scene or foreign (regional and global) and highlight on those events and deal with them first hand. This is Mr. Dean close of the meeting and thanked the members of the faculty sincere efforts they are making to our students and our dear dear service.


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