Reliable and guaranteed assurance


   Discrimination in performance and support for the College of development and continuous improvement of the educational process for the betterment of their objectives and access to international standards of quality.



 Ensure high quality in all educational, research and administrative practices in college and through the top of every college possibilities and resources to take advantage

And with the participation of all employees to secure the needs of the community and the requirements of the labor market in accordance with national standards.



1.alaml to ensure the quality of all college activities and special academic programs and scientific research.

2.taziz quality in college and enhance the quality procedures and mechanisms culture.

3.mrajah and determine the overall strategy and mission of the fundamental objective in the light of developments to improve the quality of higher education.

4.tba results of the studies, internal audit, analysis and statement of strengths and weaknesses and make proposals to improve and develop the overall performance points.

5.tkadim support for academic programs to achieve the objectives of the College.

6.alkiem field visits to departments and units of the college.

7.aaadad job descriptions for all employees of the college according to their categories and identify training needs to develop the functionality of the workers.

8.anchae base for employees of programs and degrees awarded by the faculty and administrative units for possible follow-up of the educational process.

Tasks and duties:

1.thaih meetings of the Board of Quality Assurance in college requirements and follow up the implementation of decisions issued by the Board of Quality Assurance.

2.thaih necessary for the implementation of total quality necessary for the implementation of educational quality management and overall quality in the college system and the requirements of procedural steps tools.

3.anchae database files integrated curriculum in the college departments in preparation for the adoption of which is in accordance with international standards and local and international bodies


4.thdid the strengths and weaknesses of potential scholarships and programs offered by the college and the submission of proposals and the means to overcome them and to develop action plans and identify the necessary resources to it.

5.tamim approved calendar files by the university on academic departments and divisions and administrative units in college and coordination with the departments of the college identify the process

Data for files calendar and follow-up secure access to information and audited and returned to university president / quality assurance and accreditation and Aladaouagamaa department in a timely manner.

6.agrae calendar studies and analysis of the results of the calendar data files and use them to develop in the future.

7.tpadl experiences and ideas for the development of university education with similar centers and colleges in the Iraqi, Arab and international universities and using them to achieve the desired development.

8.mtabah development departments of the college to gain access to privileged Boukrajeha level between graduates of colleges and institutes corresponding to achieve them highly competitive in the local labor market, Arab and international.

9.aaadad and follow-up training programs that contribute to the implementation of internal quality and professional growth for faculty assurance mechanisms with regard to program files

And courses, and in the use of sophisticated means in the educational process as well as the involvement of staffing in theoretical and applied to evaluate the performance of university courses.

10.totik academic departments and administrative units and activities sent to the presidency of the university month.

11.mtabah performance evaluation form (scientific and educational plan) for scientific departments and units all consolidated and sent monthly to the presidency of the university.

12.mtabah axes quality with quality representative of our college at the university and with the link members of this unit for scientific departments and units to ensure all and thus sent to the presidency of the university.

13.mtabah educational guidance file and books from the quality and performance of university accreditation and / Division of Training and Technical Support Department.

14.oda instructions necessary to complete the tasks and goals of the college and policies.

College 15.tmthel with the relevant authorities to quality and quality.

16.alaml to build an integrated system to evaluate and improve the performance of the administrative staff in all aspects of the relationship, which is based on the activation university departments and all its facilities.

17.mtabah over scientific departments in the college's commitment to the application of quality and submit periodic reports to the Department of Quality Assurance at the University standards.

18.alaml to build an integrated system of continuous self-evaluation of academic programs the college.

19.tniv training and educational programs for workers in the college and departments in the field of quality and quality.

20.cecchel sub-committees and teams necessary action to implement the objectives and activities of the college.

21.takiam work departments in the college with respect to the interaction with the local community and to provide advice and guidance in this regard.

22.mtabah quality application in line with the academic standards for all departments and divisions and units total.

23.mtabah continuous improvement of all the activities of the college process.

24.agrae calendar studies on some of the educational and scientific aspects of the college and to provide successful solutions to the dean of the college.

25.adama and update the database file with all of the calendar files mentioned, and prepared by the scientific supervision and evaluation device.

Direct 26.altenseeq with the department to ensure the academic quality of performance in all the areas and activities of the quality and accreditation of university performance. And implementation guidance

Issued by the Quality and Accreditation Council and the Department of the university to ensure the quality of performance in the presidency of the university.

27.alaml with the Dean of the college and all the scientific and administrative departments to prepare the college and preparing to apply for accreditation of third-party regional and international.

28.totik the vision, mission and strategic goals of the college and the mechanism of updating.

29.oda system for follow-up and evaluation within the college assessment includes:

       1) academic performance of faculty members.

       2) annual assessment of the staff.

       3) the performance of students and student activities.

       4) community service.

       5) research and scientific activities.

       6) and procedures for scientific and administrative departments mechanisms in achieving college plans.

College 30.moard in order to identify and take advantage of the optimization plans.

31.totik programs and curriculum in college characterization.

32.anchae system to follow graduates and communicate with them and with the beneficiaries to determine the quality of services that can be offered by the college and evaluating the quality of their performance.

33.aaadad and publish an annual report of the College reflects the level of performance in all activities and includes an operational plan for the development to ensure the educational process and research and community participation and quality based on reliable data.

34.mtabah preparation and documentation Tgariralamnahj and programs of study in the college.

35.nscher culture and concepts of quality between faculty and students and staff of the faculty members.

36.anchae electronic data and information for the human and material resources the college for use in policy development and improvement plans, as well as a mechanism for the development of updated base.

37.takiam the needs of the various activities of the college and work on the development and qualification of human resources through training and rehabilitation as well as the optimization of the material resources available.



1. engage students in workshops held by the institutions of civil society and of the terms of reference and research centers.

2. The issuance of work and publications by professors and students papers dealing with developments in the political issues.

3. The establishment of a scientific debate (political) to students in a particular substance or several articles within the curriculum and in coordination with the teachers of teachers that do not exceed three materials

The aim is to strengthen the student the content of these materials in a manner of fun and excitement.

 4. The establishment of a competition (data bank) concerning public information for students and their objective.

Highlighting student information.

Add new information to the student information.

Give a sense of student interest by faculty.

 5. Preparation Bulletin of the Faculty of Political Science.

6. Students have their own version of the newspaper concerned with political Bashan to increase awareness and knowledge

7. prepare the agenda for the special seminars for the college year 2013-2014.

8. Preparation of seminars for the Faculty of Political Sciences for the year 2013-2014.

9. prepare the agenda for the special courses at the Faculty of Political Sciences for the year 2013-2014.

10-preparation schedule of conferences of the Faculty of Political Sciences for the year 2013-2014.

11. publish the proceedings of scientific conference in the college magazine.


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