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Dean’s word

In the name of of Allah the Merciful
And peace and blessings be upon the noble creation of all of God, Abu Qasim Muhammad and on the pure and good companions of the Tayeb and his companions, and after:
There is no doubt that the door of knowledge and knowledge has opened its doors wide to receive the hearts of the Iraqis and instilled in them the love of Iraq first and provide them with science and knowledge and rehabilitation to be the son of this great country and this holy province without doubt, this calls for mobilizing inspiration and sharpening energies in order to receive this year a new suit Is consistent with the aspirations of the children of this college and their wishes for scientific excellence and their access to the highest grades and degrees, and not only through continuous reading and attendance at all times.
All this will pour into the hopes and aspirations of my parents and students.
I hope that Almighty God will help everyone to achieve their ambitions, desires, aspirations of their families, their kidneys, their university and their governorate, God willing, all to serve our dear country,

          Assistant Professor. asaad k shabeeb alabdallah
       Brigadier General