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Our vision and mission

* The philosophy of the Faculty of Political Science is based on quality standards and the accreditation of a bachelor’s degree in vocational education and training. The assumption of a student who is not admired in Iraqi society but in the world as a whole.
* Meet and keep abreast of recent developments in the academic specialization and focus on the practical aspects, and link the college program and pictures of world discussion in the world.
* List the college through the search for posts written through the Internet, with the intention of preparing them to participate in the work of politics.
* Preparing programs and workshops through educational institutions and government agencies with competence, in order to prepare them and rehabilitate them in the development of their communities and serve their requirements in a proper practical way.
* Develop positive thinking skills and learning and learning skills and achieve the understanding of continuous growth.
* Contribute to cooperation with bodies and institutions.
* Developing the applied skills of students and students in the teaching of general psychology.
* Developing the research skills of the students in the college. This is done through the courses offered by the students. The final objective is to introduce the student to the theoretical aspect of the research process in political science and to apply this in practice by writing researches such as the course of research, Political Science.
* Development of intellectual skills
• Develop behavioral skills through the instilling of behavioral values ​​among students as the principle of dialogue and the other, and refining the personality by instilling noble moral values ​​as a service to society and the moral duty of students in the future in terms of promoting their society, focusing on the universality of man.
* Developing students’ creative thinking by urging them to analyze events and develop future scenarios through the courses offered by the college, such as a contemporary political issues course, or through the ongoing classroom discussions in the lectures for local, Arab or international events.